Where to buy replacement I/O panel Wifi bracket?

I bought a used ASRock B660M-ITX/AC off ebay and it’s missing the entire wifi module. Weird that someone would take that off. I could just buy an intel AX200 or whatever Key E fits there, but I can’t find that housing with the antenna screw parts. I have a very similar looking bracket in a Gigabyte B520I AC, so I’m thinking these things are somewhat standard.

Tried searching on ebay and aliexpress, but nothing came up. Could anyone tell me the magic keywords that results in results?

I still don’t know what these things are, or where you can buys them, but I also contacted ASRock support asking the same question and the person on the other end said “his colleague has a spare one in his drawer and can send it via mail if I gave them my address”.

Not sure how these bits randomly end up in drawers, but I got it in the mail the other day, for free, so I just wanted to say ASRock support was amazing.