Where to buy reference 300 series cards?

looking to buy an R9 380 in the UK, I like the look of the new reference design however I cannot seem to find a single one for sale.
know of any sites/places to get one if possible

you can't. the only GPU that has a reference cooler is the Fury/Fury X/R9-Nano

The new reference coolers are OEM only

I think what Kiaxa said is correct. I think the 300-series, for system builders, pretty much only comes with the cooling solutions that are offered by the respective vendors.

I too would like a reference card.

Really fucking sucks that they made the reference design exclusive to OEM. I hate when a company uses a design as a marketing tool, then doesn't even let the consumer buy the design they marketed! It's gotta be the worst thing AMD does to consumers, which when you look at what nVidia has been doing... It isn't so bad.

why do you want an OEM design, they are complete crap most of the time. went to AMD proper, and all of the AIB partners, none have a reference cooler, sorry mate it's the internet unicorn

The same reason I spent 4 years tracking down a reference design (i.e. marketing design) Radeon HD 6990 with the flame graphic. It looks awesome and I don't care how it performs. Others might agree.