Where to buy my CPU?

Anyone have any thoughts on buying a CPU from Microcenter? The Intel i5 2500K is $160 there as opposed to $220 at Newegg.

I wonder why it would be $60 cheaper at Microcenter?

 Maybe its just the CPU it self with no heatsink.. or maybe its just a wicked as deal for the november sales


their havin a special on the 2500k.....

get from microcenter along with hyper 212 evo heatsink, get the processor and a new heatsink for 15ish bucks off still

They also have i5 3570k's for about $170 if you prefer Ivy Bridge

Thanks for the responses and i'll double check to see if the heatsink and fan are included.

I'll also look into the hyper 212 evo, though i was planning on getting the Corsair Hydro H60 (new version).

the h60 is good, the hyper 212 evo is more of a budget cooler

I've had both the H60 and hyper 212 evo(currently using the H100). Go with the hyper 212 evo or a bigger Corsair Hydro cooler (H80/H100). The H60 just doesn't have enough surface area to beat a decent air cooler.