Where to buy Haf XB Evo Drive Sleds?

So my current plot with my XB evo is to use real hard drives /SSD’s with my VM’s and only use actual system storage for ISO’s and backups if needed. I figured if I got an XB Evo, a case with hotswap sleds in the front that are nothing more than a fancy version of a dell drive sled, I’d be able to get the sleds pretty easily separately.

Well, I’m not seeing them on newegg. Nor on google. Looking on the sled itself I don’t see a part number, and part numbers aren’t listed in the booklet. Where do you guys think I should look? I can always open the sleds and swap drives, of course, but I’d rather have them in sleds ready to go. Especially as SSD’s and Laptop Hard Drives need to be bolted to the sled.

Oh and curious question regarding that. Is there a screw I could get that once it was screwed in to a hard drive it could be used as a mounting peg? Like perfect cylinder all the way around? I dunno how to word it for google.

THX guys.

I think you’re out of luck in regards to getting more of cooler masters hdd sleds. It is after all an old case, and when google doesn’t return anything, well…

But if you aren’t using any 5.25 bay devices, you could get a 5.25 hot swap bay. Startech and Icydock makes hot swap bays, and sell extra sleds for them.

Your best bet here might be some allen head M3 set screws, like these.
I don’t know which length is needed, but the screws used for hdd’s are 3 mm, which is called M3 in the world of bolts and nuts.

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Hmmm. Maybe.

Well this case was made in 2019, so IDK what you mean by old.

I have a DVD drive and plan to buy a bluray burner soon.

The first iteration came on the market ~ 7 years ago. I didn’t know that they made them as late as 2019 though.

Then dismiss the dvd drive? The Blu Ray drive will do everything?

But it seems like another quick google search spilled the beans.
Cooler masters EU store seems to have what you want:

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The XB Evo is the updated version. It has a better air filter in the front thats easier to clean, the hot swap bay circuitry was cut down and given sata power, and the front panel is a little thicker to fit a radiator behind it, or bigger fans. At least thats what I can see from comparing my case to older ones I’ve seen, as well as comparison videos.

Will it? All the postings I see say blu ray only.

Hot damn

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I love that case, have it myself. Enjoy. It is however, as many people noted, one of Cooler Master’s older cases, even in the updated version. I’m glad they haven’t retired it, or badly redesigned it like they did with the HAF X.

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