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Where to acquire C++ Libs?


I’m still doing my powerpc project here (update packages for ubuntu mate) and it was suggested to me to update libs first and then do tools and apps later. So, I go to the LLVM website, get the source for the libs from them, and think “ok I can just update cmake first, then do the libs, and then everything else!” Welp, they aren’t building. And I’m not sure why. But it occurred to me that boost still exists, what I used a few years ago on a school project in college. And I might go with the boost C++ libs. But, it also came to mind that LLVM’s and Boost’s libraries.

So what do you guys use?


Boost and QT are the only “generic” libraries that I use. I might use other if I need specific features for projects. But that will of course depend on the project I’m working on.


Good to know boost will work just as well.


Depends entirely on the project of course, but QT is the sex at this present point in time.

QTcreator can help if need be.


I am basically building ubuntu and void linux lol