Where the hell is the Skyrim on the Surface RT video?

I know it takes time to make your content, but DAMN... its been like 2 months. Where is it?

Skyrim on the surface RT... hmm, what exactly are you referencing, was this mentioned before?

If you were unaware, Skyrim is completely incompatible with Surface RT because of the architecture difference, hence the reason why you can run other desktop apps.

The only option for doing any hardcore gaming on the RT would be to use game streaming services like limelight or splashtop, but as far as I know nothing is compatible with RT. It's unlikely that it ever will be.


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I think he means the surface 3.  However I don't remember wendel saying anything about a video with skyrim on the surface three.

Oh. We were totally playing skyrim on the surface RT. It's coming. It's lulz.



At the very end of the PowerEdge R720 review.