Where should the Page file (Swap File) be located

I have a question about having a SSD as a boot drive.

The question is where should the Page file (Swap File) be located, on the SSD or on a internal hard drive?

The life of a SSD is based on the number of accesses so minimizing the access should give a longer life?

 If a user is using Windows7 64 Bit with 8 or 16 GB of ram is it even necessary to have a Page file?


Comments please.

Rather than disabling the page file, I would recommend moving it off of your SSD as to minimize the accesses.  The page file in most cases isn't necessary, though deletion of it can cause instability while launching applications.  Take a look at this question on how to relocate the file.

Thank you 5paceManSpiff for the information and links.

One last question, what about setting up a RAM file to be used instead of a hard disk?

I've had pagefile on SSD for 4 years now and nothing has happened.

If you're very paranoid - get RamDisk and move it on Ram. - also move browser cache there aswell for super fast browsing speed.

The way I understood it, there should be no vitual memory on your SSD to prolonge it life span by reducing the number of writes. So you should put the swap anywhere else where you've got space to spare.
If you've got RAM to spare (say, at least 8GB), remove VM completely, the swaping will take place on the RAM instead, making the swap process much faster.
I removed the VM from my C: partition a few days ago because of lack of space. I've had no problem up until now for having migrated it elsewhere.