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I guess i'm making this blog post as a place to look back on what I've been doing and What I've done in the past few months. As some of you may have noticed I used to be a very frequent poster on the forums long ago but have sulked into lurking these last 5 months, only to start back up now. I want to talk about or atleast type here what been going on in my life.

QuakeCon & Work. I went to QuakeCon and I brought friends, we had lots of fun, played a lot of games with the community and I got some frags. But right around that time I also got a promotion at my Job, As some of you may know I work at my local Microcenter. Starting this past august I have been working regular 45-50Hr 5day weeks, on top of a daily hour long commute. This has seriously cut into my free time and my forum time.

Drama. I grew up in a household with two older sisters, a younger sister, and parents who divorced early in my secondary schooling. I've been exposed to a lot of Drama and my only real sanctuary was to isolate myself and avoid it all together. This took the shape of my presence on the forum when i first joined. Looking back it comes as no surprise to me that I've been away from the forum for so long. I loved this community and put a lot of effort into it, only to see it split made me retract. I'm sorry but that's how I am.

January. With retail work slowing down after the holiday season and drama settling down (for the most part) I can come out of my shell and enjoy sharing technology and the forum again. I miss the forum and want to be part of it again, there are a lot of new faces I dont know and want to know.

Tech. In this time away from the forum my love for technology didn't stop. I upgraded my PC recently and even got a new camera. These are things old me would post about frequently and give my opinions. I will get back to doing this so i can not only enjoy the technology but share it with all of you. Since Quakecon I've purchased a 450D, Nikon D500, 960Pro, 6850K, and Oculus Touch. <Should I make mini-reviews giving my thoughts on these things?>

It's good to be back. (I think)

<><><> I will use this thread to post little bits of what I've been up to <><><>


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Welcome back


Can't wait for more.

Deus Vult


Welcome back!

I can't say I've ever seen anyone make chainmail (does the way you spell it make it a different type/styleor anything?) so that's awesome.

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Glad to see ya back! One of the best things about this community is you can be gone for a year, have it split, be gone yet another year, then just come back and basically find everything to be as it always was.


of course

@NJM1112 you've been marked down as dead, you must provide 3 forms of identification along with the testimonials of two family members to prove you are not dead.


Welcome back buddy. :-)

Well then, welcome back. Definitely post reviews. At least a few.

Nope, Still dead.

My posting activity is still low, but hey Atleast im not gone for 3months.

January has come to a close and I've been thinking a lot about personal finance. I'm 20, still living with my parents, i pay rent (marginally cheaper). I really need to get myself my own car and build my credit. Atleast my savings account is doing fine. Oh hey! a W-2 in the mail, Time to see how much my return is.

In other news I bought Deus Ex: MD the other day and I need still need to play it. I'll still be playing Overwatch but I hope to take up MD on my days off.

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Wish I wouldn't need a car, it's expensive as balls, I'd rather ride the bus.
Also wish I'd live with my parents, paying for my own place is expensive as balls.