Where I think Nintendo went Wrong

Nintendo can do wrong, as we've seen. They had amazing promise with the Wii U, but they didn't really deliver. I seriously would buy a Wii U if there was anything that interested me, like a new Star Fox, or a 3D Mario a la Sunshine/64. Or, maybe even a freaking Zelda!

I rant about this in my blog, but I want to know what other people think of it. Do you think it was wrong of Nintendo to release an HD remake of a game, or do you think it was smart for them to build hype for a new HD Zelda? Or do you think they should have brought the Wii U Zelda then put out the Remake?


Let me know what you think.

Loaded title, judging a one-year-old console for not having great games when it has great games, implying that Nintendo is doing something wrong when they're probably sitting on the fattest stack of cash of any of the console manufacturers, and a link to a personal blog.

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Nintendo are fine.


And if you really aren't interested with any of the games there already or coming soon (smash and mario kart 8, or even bayonetta 2), then you aren't that into Nintendo games in the first place are you?


I love my Wii U because I like Nintendo games. I got Super Mario 3D World (which is a GREAT 3D mario, doin't judge a book by it's cover mate), Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, etc. etc.


They'll be fine.

WiiU sales my not be the best, but that doesn't mean they are going anywhere, or have done wrong. Its logical to think that Nintendo has ongoing development for their franchises, like Zelda, Starfox. 

As for the HD remake of windwaker, I wish I had a WiiU to play it right now. It looks great and IMO is the best zelda to date. 

Nintendo went wrong when the quit releasing games for their system.  They keep releasing games we have played before it is quite sad the direction Nintendo is going in i have been a strong supporter of them for years but they just keep releasing games i have already beat when i was 7 years old.  I was excited when i heard they where releasing a zelda but it was a revamped version of a Link to The Past.  I really hope that some one at Nintendo starts putting out quality titles soooooon 

I really hope they release a new Starfox soon

What? Aside from WindWaker HD what else has been a re-release like you're talking about?


They've released a bunch of great new games in their franchises, with more to come. And have you even played A Link Between Worlds? It's a whole new Zelda game...it's a sequel of sorts to ALTTP..


You should do more research before just bashing them.

Me too! And hopefully it is nothing like Starfox Adventures that came out for GC. What a wreck. 


I feel like the first Wii was a great idea with some poor executions. I can understand why they were targeting the casual gamer market, but in doing so they left their hardcore audience in the dust. I feel that the hardcore gamers of today (at least a good portion) grew up on NES and SNES. Making up for that with the WiiU will be a challenge, that is for sure. Their comeback will be in innovation not regurgitation. Zelda has become a cookie cutter game, it has a very tight formula. I would love to see nintendo break their rules a bit and make something out of the box. When they were teasing Skyward Sword, they said it would be the most revolutionary Zelda title to date, and its not. Metroid: Other M was going to be sooo great in their eyes, it wasnt even close to a metroid game, it was a hand holder the entire time. 

You have to realize Nintendo has two very different markets. Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of America are two very different companies. The market in Japan is still big on Nintendo and they get a ton of exclusive games we don't simply because NOA doesnt see a point to localization of these games, games that cater to casual and hardcore alike. This happened with Mother 3. They didint see a point to bringing this game out of Asian markets even though fans of the series called, wrote, made petitions, sent the creator fan art to show their love of the game, and even hacked a translation into the rom themselves. That patch was downloaded over 100,000 times in the first week; a number that would have maybe been higher if it was an official cartridge sold in North American stores. I for one would have bought two; one to play and one to keep. 

The point of all this is that Nintendo has a lot of internal conflicts, and that is why their releases are so inconsistent and seem to be lacking effort. They may be down, but not out. /rant

Retro is probably going to get on to it once they finish Donkey Kong and Metroid (yes, they are making it, Nintendo wouldn't be trolling us over it if they weren't).