Where / how to change ScrLk to s.th. else like ^(circumflex)


my keyboard does not have a ScrLk Key.
*But i could not find a Settings panel or s.th. where i could change the ScrLk to another Key. *
*Discored helped to figure it out (: *
thanks a lot to VMFortress & Netboy3 with kind regards

So for anyone who will end here form a search machine:
(at least at time of writing LookingGlass has no GUI … )

so you need to open the liunx loved programmer command line and feel like the guy from matrix again :wink:

first line you need to copy paste is:

sudo showkey --keycodes followed by your password.

there you can press the key which you want to be your ScrLk replacement.

you will see a number (s.th. like this):

press any key (program terminates 10s after last keypress)...
keycode  28 release
keycode  41 press
keycode  41 release

you can get out of this with the ctrl + c combination

now you have to edit your LookingGlass Desktop shortcut to not only looking-glass-client
but looking-glass-client -m X X beeing the number from the previous command results.

For example:

looking-glass-client -m 41

so the next time you will open it you know have a new modifier key :smiley:

with kind regards

Alternatively if you’re running LG B6-rc1 you can just type looking-glass-client -m help and get a list of menomics you can use.

Also in future when you come into discord for help/support, deleting your messages after receiving support is considered extremely rude, we now only have 1/2 the conversation making it hard for anyone playing catch-up like myself.


thank you (:
looking-glass-client -m help was suggested but for normal folks it was not quite clear what to do so i thought writing a public note might help some in the future <3

Sorry i don’t mean to be rude. I always thought of discord like a worse irc fork. A kind of throwaway chat. But if leaving my messages on there is the only way i will refrain from using it in the future :wink:

How convenient, i happened to have the same question
i just tried this method, and it works, once
meaning, if i press the key to capture and then press again to release, when i try to capture again it just wont work
interestingly, when pressing the modifier key+F for full screen, then that is not a problem

also @DS_DV indeed for something like this i would very much have an irc than discord

We have an IRC however it’s not as actively monitored. It’s on Libre.chat