Where else would you live

Logan and Wendal if you were forced out of living in the U.S.A where would you live ?

Actually they're not from the States.


They reside in North Korea which itself doesn't exist (it's only propaganda spreaded by the G8), where the Decepticons use them as power sources, sucking bioelectricity to the machines similarly as we saw in the movie "The Matrix".

In this real world they are in a permanent sleep-mode, where the whole Tek Team's "dreams" are fused together. The world they "see" and "live in" is in reality the fourth dream level, where they are unknowingly part of "The Truman show". Here however, every time they fall asleep each night, they subconsciously wake up in another body controlling an avatar in the real world... and these avatars are Autobots, who's at war against the Decepticons.


I can tell you all this classified information since you live in an illusionary world, and will not take this seriously.