Where do you guys download your music from?

where do you guys download your music from?

i use jamglue.com its a website that lets u use songs and you get to alter them like edit them etc and get to dowload the song i just download the song without altering anyting hehehehe but i was wondering where you guys get your stuff from




also, enjoy your logged IP

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what p2p share u use torrent sites or limewire?

µTorrent and private trackers


For the love of God, please kill yourself.

loool i completely stopped p2p like 4 years ago..

lol ko, that's why you don't have TF2

lol jason said i can't play with you guys if i got the bootleg tf2 :/

so there's no point in getting it..

you can practice with bots


lololol true.... i'll do it once i get my new computer up and running. :)

*cough* blood run a cracked server *cough*

im not running a fucking cracked server. buy the game or get over it. sorry

but you will be able to play zps next friday.

i wish i was cool enough for private trackers

i have to rapid shit


uTorrent for torrents

LimeWire for music

do what you want 'cause a pirate is freeeeee

[b][i][u]you[/b][/i][/u] are a piiiiraaaate




i use torrents for all my music, unless i want a single random song, then i go dig into my vitual storage room and find limewire, blow off the virtual dust, then get the song and put it back in the storage room and lock the door

i use airdc++

im connected to 5 different private metal hubs

Stopped using P2P 3 years ago. I either buy the albums or actually buy the songs. Unless they're Asian songs, in which I get those from a fan site (Ie. Bww2, Z-degrees). Did that MySpace Music thing ever come out? Where every registered artist can put their songs up for free download or something?

yah myspace music is been up but you have to buy the music its not free but its drm free