Where do you get your music from?


I'm just curious and would like to know where everyone gets there music from.


  • soundcloud
  • bandcamp
  • amazon(rarely) 

I'm also a big fan of Soundcloud and Bandcamp although I find myself using Soundcloud more often since it seems to suit my genres more. I find I get some good stuff from the game soundtracks I seem to be accumulating as well.

Teh almighty bay of the pirates


Pirate Bay


Google, if all else fails.

PirateBay for CD's and SoulSeek for individual.

mostly bandcamp or soundcloud

amazon if i want the CD but i mostly get it from friends irl that have the music i want.

friends and associates on the oceans of the internet

The supermarket or other CD retailers. The main place I listen to music outside the house is in my car and it's more convenient for me to just stick a CD in the player than mess around with digital.

When I'm at home I generally just use spotify.

supermarkets generally dont stock albums with pagan sacrifices being rwnt teh bwnt on the cover. Just sayin'

I get my music from some guy in an alley way at midnight.

In my day, they called them "T-shirts".  Oh how times have changed.

Vinyl when possible but that rarely is. So it's mostly from around the internet.

Bandcamp for digital and new vinyl, eBay and Amazon for CDs

And the local music store for older vinyl

  • Bandcamp
  • Soundcloud
  • iTunes (Deal with it)
  • Beatport
  • Newgrounds
  • Pirate Bay

The bay all day! 

  • soundcloud
  • OCremix.com

soundcloud mostly

sometimes bandcamp

but rarely (and I'm ashamed of it) mrtzcmp3.net

I usually try to get the CD if I like it. But for the most I just use a program called Wimp, as I have a premium account for it and can download my playlist to listen to them offline on my ipod.

i sub to google music service