Where do you get such a cool coat?

Logan, where did you get such a cool coat? I've been looking everywhere and I can't seem to find one like it. I remember you saying you got it in NY.

i think he got it in china town

Looks like a pretty standard cotton twill light jacket or jacket-shirt.  I'm sure a lot of places carry something similar.  Or you could get a black denim jacket.  They look about the same, just more stiff.

It's tailored made for him. The fabric is actually hair that was given by a virgin Unicorn with whom Logan had sultry affair, and the buttons are made from the eyes of the now extinct cyclops race that were genocidally defeated by Logan himself during the battle for control of the Ancient City of Atlantis. Together these materials are stitched, and woven with great precision and artistry by the hands of a blind Kung-fu master who also happens to be the barber for Logan's beard.