Where do I plug in my graphics card?

Hello everyone. I'm currently moving all my my computer out of the Alienware X51 case and into the Corsair Obsidian Series 650D. My psu is a Corsair CX600M. My graphics card is an AMD Radeon R9 28X. My question is, where do I plug the graphics card into? I have the PCIe cable that the PSU came with, and I'm pretty sure that one side goes into the graphics card, but where does the other end plug into?

Sorry if this seems like a really simple question, I'm completely new to building computers.


lol... one of your motherboard's PCIe slots... have you not even looked inside a computer before...? It might not be a great idea for you to be fiddling around in there if you've got that much if a lack of knowledge for the sake of your safety! 0_0

I am assuming you are asking what slot to plug the PCI-E power cable into. Look for the side that has an 8 pin cable only and plug it here

The other end will have an 8 pin and 6 pin, which goes to the graphics card.

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No need to chastise OP. Nothing wrong with learning the right way.

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Oh, the other side of that cable... not the other side of the GPU. facepalm.
Brainfart on my part.

All good. When I first got a CX430M about 2 years ago I was utterly confused which end of the cable goes where. Its really odd, it has an 8 pin connector but the actual amount of cables in there is six.

I'd hardly call that chastising, I was just worried about what might happen given how such a simple thing could confuse them. Kinda funny how I completely misread and fucked up myself, lol.