Where did my 128 stream processors go

Hello all this is my first post,, I just have question to ask,, I have 2 xfx 7770's one is a black ed. and the other is a 1gz ed. and the two have the DD cooler on it.. So any way I do run them in crossfire and they run just fine even with the clocks being a little bit higher with the black ed. when I check the temps and speeds with Gpu-z I seen that the 1gz ed.  had only 512  stream processors and 30 TMU's but it should be 640 stream and 40 TMU's..But the card runs fine not really to sure what's going on. I hope its not some kinda cost cutting by xfx.

7770 1gz ed



7770 black ed.


sticker on pcb






Those are 7750 numbers. Try that card alone (take the other one out) and see if it still gives the same numbers. If not, assume it's a crossfire bug.

If the numbers are still 7750 numbers, and you are absolutely sure you paid for and recieved what was supposed to be a 7770, contact XFX. I doubt it would have been cost-cutting so much as a mix up at the factory. Like... they put the wrong GPU on that board.

Think you for the info I looked it up and it does add up to the 7750 but the heat sink says 7770 on it..LOL and it is clock at 1gz.. I did put the card in a different PC yesterday and it was still 128 short,, I really hope I didn't get some odd ball 7750 with some kinda 7770 bios on it..



Yeah, you'll want to contact XFX about that. It's clearly a mistake on their part.

it looks like there was a BIOS update between the two screenshots ?

if so it could have been the wrong bios or something of the like.

one is the 7770 black "640" and the other is the 7770 1gz "512"

Contect XFX, Thats kinda funny though :P

Yes it is.. If it wasn't for Gpu-z I think I wouldn't have notices ... I guess ill get a hold of xfx.. Now IM not to sure if I want to buy there 7870 DD for my next build.. LOL.