Where did all the Korean monitors go? Also, best dirt-cheap recs?

I stopped paying attention for a good while after snagging my 34" UW Crossover about a year ago. I’m now in the market again, looking for the cheapest trio of 40" or UW 34" 1080p+ monitors I can use to build up my racing simulator. But where have they all gone??? Dream-seller on eBay has nothing listed for sale it seems. The brands I have searched for in the past seem to have dried up. Has there been a change in the market that I’ve missed, or has the supplier shifted?


I would guess since major brands are now offering screens in those sizes, that is probably where the panels go. So … less scraps for cheap displays? I’m totally making that up but it’s the only reason I can think of.

The panels are being used by major brands now I guess. Apparently the new Asus monitors have very similar panels to the wasabi mango. Just have to look in to the specs…

Still rocking my 27" 1440p dp2710 Korean monitor with dual DVI oc’d @ 115Hz with tightened timings on my 980 classified with a custom bios. In my solar powered van lol


Better question, what happened to 1440p 60-75 Hz Monitors. I mean it’s nice and all that 1440p 144Hz monitors are already cheap but I need a very expensive GPU to drive that with modern games. Like the RTX 2080 SUPER for example.

I am guessing that monitor companies made some backroom deals with GPU manufacturers to sell such high spec’d monitors for so low so that people need to spend $$$ on a GPU to drive it instead of getting something that’s semi-modest and only needing to spend maybe $200-300 on a new GPU instead of $700+. Don’t know how it helps them though but it’s just a theory really.

You know you don’t have to use them at 144 right? If you don’t have the GPU for it just drive them at a lower Framerate. Either via setting in the Monitor, OS, or just FreeSync/Gsync which they all have anyway.

As for the question, I assume it’s because those cheap Korean Monitors mostly used panels that weren’t “good enough” for other manufacturers, but as the years go by the yield on better panels gets better, so there’s not many leftovers anymore.


Haha and “already cheap” is all relative. Like, in my case, I have a very specific use-case requirement and would love to spend like $200 a piece on a trio of them. I see a world full of $300-$500 34" 1440p-ish curved guys, but that’s a steep price to pay for this use.

I understand. Having the $200 Korea version of what I want would be sweet, but I guess that gravy train is gone.

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