Where can I get digital downloads for cheap? (music)

I would like to start purchasing music albums digitally but does anyone know where I can do so for cheap? I tried iTunes and didn't really like it. I would prefer somewhere I can just pay for then download the music without having to download any other softwware. Just want to download the music then put it on my flash drive.

youtube converter = free? 

I think you can do that with google play, it will just save all your downloaded files to your Google account. And if you have an android phone/tablet you can download the songs onto there from your Google account, or just straight from the play store.

yea thats a good option 

Sites like SoundCloud and BandCamp are pretty cool. I've bought several albums from those two without any issues.

How cheap is cheap?

Just got a few tracks from Amazon's site, DRM free and you can skip using their player and download directly to your PC

Cheap to me is like $10 for a whole album or $0.99 for a single track. Sorry I should have made that clear in my original post.

Search youtube to Mp3 - profit?

or just use amazon/itunes.