Where can I get an RFID implant in Victoria, Australia?

Hey guys, I just watched the LAN Syndicate video by Barnacules and saw the RFID implants, I was wondering where I can get this done in Victoria, Australia? I was unsure what category to list this under, so I'm hoping Hardware is appropriate.

Buy the install kit. And find a local piercer who can do it. Show them our video if they are unsure. And have them contact dangerous things if they have any questions.

Thanks Qain, I checked out the Dangerous Things site and wasn't quite sure of the pros and cons of the xNTi vs the xIC. Am I correct in saying that the xNTi is compatible with more devices than the xIC, and has more memory?

I know that the specs are clearly listed and that anyone should be able to discern the difference, but I just want to make sure I implant the correct tag, because im guessing it's not fun to remove...

The xNTi is the suggested NFC model.

Thanks, does anyone have an implant and travel overseas often? Just wondering if airport security ever gets tripped up by it.

no, i've never had an issue with it.

Thanks, I ordered the xNTi last week, so it should arrive soon.
P.S the sink is looking good.

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