Where can I get a AMD reference r9 380?

I really don't give a shit if the reference card is loud I just like how it looks like and I can only find non-reference cards on amazon and newegg

i´m kinda doubting that you will be able to find one at all.
atleast i have never seen one.


Purchase with configurator bundles only

Whatever that means, really the blower cards are best for like ITX systems, otherwise it's really just not worth it at all

You could get a 290 reference

epic, thats exaly the first one i have ever seen in the wild for sale.

Shame it's an OEM builder only part, I'm sure you could get one from like DELL or HP but for a hefty mark-up.

Fock me the reference card costs way more than a non-reference card

maybe there will be some later. It would be nice to watercool a pair of them.

Ebay right now:


I asked Newegg about the reference R9 390 and 390X that they have up on eBay as well and they did confirm these are reference cards.

(They should come back in stock soon as well, this is about the third time they've said out of stock.)