Where can i find this!?

On the switch 810 it has this it is a 7 fan controller which is then powered by a single molex connection. I have no idea where I can buy one for a build I plan on doing. If anyone knows if you could please tell me I would be very happy :)

Look at the NZXT grid. It's basically the same thing only with a few more ports

I've got one in my system because my mobo didn't  have enough headers. It works really well. I even soldered some wires to it to use it to power the LEDs in my case and case window

oh yeah, cheers man!!!!

if you don't mind a little cable management issues this is what it looks like in there


i'll prolly get one of those... and/or a manual controller...

Yeah not bad I think if I am to get I would place it behind.

I know you can fit it behind the mobo, but even then it does look nice with those lights.