Where Can I Earn Game Gift Cards From Surveys?

On this 1, I’m not sure if many of you actually know anything, but I feel like it can’t hurt to try, so here I go… :man_shrugging:

You’re probably wondering something like "Why are you curious about survey sites where you can earn gift cards for games? You can simply buy/purchase them like a normal person. " Quite true, but there’s 1 problem: due to me being young & unemployed, it kind of complicates things & there’s just nothing I can really do at the moment given my circumstances. [As an example, I was able to build my own custom setup roughly 2 years ago by doing odd jobs around town & taking surveys online which sort of worked even if it meant I had to put a bit of time into it.] The survey site that I use from time to time happens to be Survey Junkie, but they don’t actually have a bunch of options for cashing out in terms of gift cards & you’re pretty much out of luck if you have a specific brand(s) of gift cards you’re after like I am.

Now, I will discuss what I’m after here: Obviously, of course, I’m trying to find any site(s) where you can take surveys & earn gift cards from, but I would prefer more options in terms of gift cards you can cash out with. Specifically, I’m looking to earn gift cards to use for purchases via the Epic Games Store & Steam. Possibly Origin too if there happen to be any titles I wish to try out in the future.

If any of you happen to know anything, please do let me know! :+1: Also, if I forgot to mention anything or if you need more details, or even if you need to ask me anything about this, feel free to do so & I’ll reply back! :slight_smile: Thanks & here’s hoping someone can help me out with this… :crossed_fingers:

dont waste your time even looking.

survey companies promise rewards rarely pay out.
yeah, you see the adverts saying earn 300 a day… its bollix mate. seriously…

the ones that do actually pay, are often gig work. meaning they hire you for 30-45mins to answer a survey and they give you an hours pay.
typically less than $10 but occasionally you get on that pays $50. (very occasionally, i get maybe 1 invite in 3 months) not good if your looking to replace a day job.
places are rare and you have to be so quick. (reply even 10mins after you see the email and your probably to late)

i spent a month looking into this kind of work and it was a waste of time. 2 years later im still getting spam emails from most of the companies i tried.

so many scammers and very few legit.

so my advice is AVOID! and look at alternative gig work sites like fiverr.

Look, I get what you’re trying to tell me & the fact that someone actually replied I appreciate. But Fiverr is a marketplace for businesses & TBH, I don’t actually have any work experience under my belt. [Much less a secondary degree/education.]

I will try to keep looking & see if I stumble upon something unique, but you’ve got to remember something: What might work for 1 person [Or group(s) of people.] might not work for others. IMO, I don’t really consider survey sites to be a waste of time. Yes, some might not be all that great or some might even try to scam you if you’re not careful & don’t do your research, but I firmly believe that if you’ve found the right one & are willing to put in the time, it can be worth it overall. But that’s just my opinion. I’m sure not everyone will agree. Anyway, thanks for your input!

Not to encourage bad behaviour, but have you tried software piracy for single player games? Its not like the publisher actually loses money, you cant even afford it in the first place. Just pledge to buy it after you have disposable income. More important to actually spend on food and housing and fares.

If you want online games, just go for free to play games?

I’ve thought about the piracy route, but it just doesn’t seem like the thing I would do tbh. As for my living situation, I’m still stuck with my mom & younger brother, but it’s just how things are right now for me. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but I’ve made progress in other areas compared to a lot of my friends from high school whom have moved on with their lives. What did you mean with that last part- “just go for free to play games?” Care to clarify for me? :thinking:

There are free to play games where it is a bit grindy but you just need to make an account and download the software for it. Fortnite comes into mind. I currently play Planetside 2 (its an old free to play FPS game).

If piracy bothers you i think there are also steam gift games that are raffled somewhere in the internet.

Also Epic frequently gives out full free Triple A games from time to time.

OK. I think I see what you’re saying here, but did you mean like demos? No offense, but I’d prefer to have the full version of a game I’m legit interested in as opposed to just having a stupid demo.

The thing about free to play games is that it is grindy by design and you pay money to lessen the grind. In fortnite’s case you only get to stay on the Default Skin and kids say default as an insult.

There are also non-gimped free to play games that is not grindy such as Dota 2 (and LoL for that matter) I’ve friends who just play these and nothing else. AFAIK only skins are paid and some seasonal events, nothing more

I see. Well, I don’t think I’ll go with the grindy type of games; just the full versions. But I appreciate the suggestion, nonetheless! :slight_smile:

Set this thread to follow and people frequently posts free giveways from Epic

Don’t worry, Opera GX informs me about games that are free or any that I’m interested in. :wink:

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the survey thing is legit mate.
i did the research and still spent 40 hours filling in surveys in one week.
at the end of it i made a little over $20.
then i found i couldn’t withdraw the earnings till i reached $50.

testingtime was one of the better ones it seemed.
but again it was like extracting blood from a stone getting paid.
other things i tried.

website testing ui tester. can be lucrative if you get a reputation as effective.

you basically make a video screengrab of you testing a website for a client, show them where you got stuck or found an error, give a short report.
and get paid.
10-20 for 15-30 mins of your time.
but again its one of them, you have to be quick coz everyone wants to earn gigs.
typically i would get offered 4-5 tests a week and got paid more for less effort.

A few free Tomb Raider games from Epic this week. Probably best to follow the topic below if you’re looking for discount/free gaming.

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