Where can i buy original dos games?

Hey all,

Can somebody please give me any ideas or suggestions as to where i can buy the FULL versions of dos games in their original state? Doom, doom ii, blood, hexen, fallout etc etc. I have looked everywhere and am only finding the shareware versions, and no full versions...

I don't want ported versions of the games, because i want to be able to play them in dosbox when i get my raspberry pi. Im not entirely sure if ported versions of the games would play nicely with a raspberry pi. Even if i cant buy the games; i must have them...


Thankyou for any suggestions

Hmm, well I only know that the BFG version of doom 1/2/3 is dumbed down but i don't know about the sold separately ones. To be honest just 'illegally' download them, I fucking doubt that id is getting a single cent, and no one else deserves any money from selling it. I'm guessing that the versions that are not in the BFG edition how ever are 'original' and not dumbed down or changed or anything.

And although we don't talk about torrenting here no one who is in the right educated mind is gonna prosecute you or tell you off for it.

Thanks beheeemoth. Iv done a lot of looking around and I wanted to make sure there was a place i can at-least buy the games before resorting to torrents, but i guess there isn't much of a choice from the looks of it, which is actually a disappointment. These games are abandonware now so i doubt anybody, especially the developer gives a crap.

I even looked at getting some original copies of the games on floppies... Lets just say id prefigure to buy a new motherboard.

I remember some time ago seeing a website that has an archive of nearly every DOS game available to download.

A bit of searching and you may find it.

yeah there is about 5646876 of them, but they unfortunately only offer the shareware versions of the higher titles like the ones i mentioned.  

www.gog.com bundles a lot of games directly with dosbox, you can run those game in DOS. Unfortunately their Fallout, FO2, FOT licenses have been revoked, they can no longer sell them. If i recall correctly Doom should be on Steam, also running through dosbox. FO and FO2 should also be available on steam but i don't know if it's running through dosbox or not

Haha yeah, try ebay for CD ROMS actually. I'm very lucky to be able to have a CD ROM of Doom 2 (which comes with doom 1 for free) which is awesome!

DosDogs is the site i think, I would've thought that they'd have the full version anyway but maybe not..

The original Fallouts were available for free on GOG to get back at ZeniMax, but now ZeniMax have aserted control over them so they are available on Steam for $10 each.

Steam also have the Dooms available.

But for the rest of the still licensed game GOG is the place to go as stated. They either make the games EXEs playable on new systems or make them run properly in DOSBOX on new systems. They also offer everything DRM free which is a huge plus and usually extra content like the original manual PDFs, wallpapers, soundtracks, avatars and such. 

Most of the games in the Doom series is indeed on Steam. GOG is your best bet, though, since they give you DRM-Free copies that you can dig into and pull out files you may want. 

Either that, or... I guess you can try to pick up some used boxed copies on ebay. Unsure of how much that would set you back, though.

If you want to play Doom I would recommend using GZDoom with the Brutal Doom mod and the Doom Metal Wad.  Check out Total Biscuits Youtube video on Brutal Doom to see what it's like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4kLpBUHf9E



This is a torrent called the ultimate collection of dos games. 17.26 gb. 9 seeds

Try myabandonware.com.