Where are AMD crash logs located?

All of sudden my BF4 started crashing. It has been happening more and more lately. I have a 4690k, 16gb ram with an xfx 280x Black Edition.

I went back to AMD 15.4 Catalyst drivers since that was prior before I had any of these issues. It only happens in this game and I'd like to identify the cause.

I get the notification that AMD display drivers have crashed and recovered but I want to know where the logs are located.

I got the same issue but on my Nvidia Gtx 770 4gb, where it would say the driver has crashed and then recovered. In my case it was because of an unstable overclock.

Thanks for the response but I haven't overclocked the card.

Are you playing music in the background with windows media player? Also HD audio drivers are known to mess with the game and cause it to crash.

I never use Windows media player but I am playing music through Chrome (Soundcloud). However I don't understand why all of sudden if that or whatever the case maybe, which is why I am trying to locate the crash logs.

Something with the last update jacked alot of things up. I kept getting crashes untill I removed my hd audio drivers(realtek). It worked but I still crash if I try to play music in the background from wmp but pandora is fine for me.

can u do a fur mark test and let me know if the results are stable on your current clocks( even if it isnt a OC'd card)

I ran it for about 10 mins...there weren't any artifacts no crashes. Ran it at 2560 x 1600 on my 2560 x 1080 monitor with an average of 49 fps and low of 48. The clocks seem stable. I play other games too and they all handle these clock speeds well. BF4 all of sudden will freeze and force me to force close during every game.

hmmm.... weird. But there is one thing u can do, if u havent done it already.
1) open origin >> and look for battlefield 4

2) then rightclick on it there should be an option "repair game" try it and let me know

The score was 3100 btw. I did repair the game and still found it happening so I did a complete reinstall of it and same issue.

the reason i asked u to do a fur mark test is if you're gpu is still intact or close of death, good to know its still intact.
the next logical thing to do would be a driver update( if any available) or a fresh install of drivers( im assuming u have done it already) or a driver downgrade. if none of those work it is out of my expertise. Maybe a fresh install of windows if u have patience for that :P

I've done all of that besides the fresh install of windows. I really don't want to have to do that since windows 10 is right around the corner and I wanted to wait until that arrived.

oh windows 10 is like a full month away on july 29th is the launch date i guess 3 more weeks, hey why dont u try this LINK its a complete gfx driver uninstallation software, wipes every thing(gfx driver related) out of the system and then try the omega drivers. since nothing seems to be working out :/

Thanks, will test BF4 now.

any positive news?

Played two games and the first went well until the second where I experienced two crashes.