Where are all the Summoners?

I recently made a post on the forums looking for more people for games like Tera and League of Legends. Where are all the summoners? I have yet to get any replies. Do we just have no one that plays either of those but me? If you guys play either of these games let me know I will add you so we can play sometime. I always want to get more people to play with.

Honestly I want to stay as far away from the community as possible. Too many negative things have come up concerning LoL. I know nothing about Tera though.

The LoL community is like the CoD community of PC gaming. Tera, well I never really played it enough to get to know the community. The game was fun, until I couldn't complete a quest because a group of people sitting next to the end of the quest kept killing me and anyone else trying to turn the quest in, so I uninstalled and never looked at it again.

I was not talking about the league of legends community. I was talking about the TekSyndicate community. And IMO the LoL community would be so much better off with voice chat. Half of the toxicity of the game comes from misscommunication causing problems in the game. Voice chat would alleviate probably 30-40% of the toxicity. As for tera, I play on PVE servers so I can choose when to PvP and when to run around killing big stuff.

Dota 2 solves your voice issue.

I stopped playing LoL because I just hate a lot of mechanics of MOBAs. Waithing for HotS to come out.

Dota 2 is too slow for my tastes. Great game I will give it that, but I do not enjoy the pacing of the games. It is slow...slow......slow...... OMG LIGHTNING!!!!.... over.

currently on a chromebook. rarely get to play on the PC i share in the livingroom (not even lvl 30. just reached lvl 25)

i plan on playing more when i get my rig built this fall. i hope to expand my champions too.. i only play Jinx, although i used to use Miss Fortune, but those are the only ones i KNOW how to play. 

I play a lot on the EuW servers. Mostly mid lane veigar. Yes the community sucks but the game is very fun to play. Many people mention that dota 2 has a better community and I would agree with that. It was the first MOBA i played but to be honest I quickly moved to LoL once I was introduced to the game by a friend. Dota has a lot of delays (auto attacks, casting) that make the game not appealing to me, especially because you get no warning when someone casts at you (in lol casting takes 0.5 seconds and you clearly see animations of the characters. If you are quick enough you can react within that time span).

I think I still have an EuW account from a military deployment in italy. Only thing is that I would never play there due to the horrid lag issues I always see going on.

Euw has almost no lag issues, If I watch streams of other players in NA they are the ones with the lag spikes. But of course if you connect from the states to europe you will suffer a lot from higher latency

hmm...I might have to try a PVE server. Because I loved the combat system, and the game was pretty. 

The pace is entirely dependent on the line-up and strategy. 

Razer Comms is in the process of solving that voice chat issue.

i watched ocelote and xpeke both go off about EuW lag.