When you cant afford a new computer

hahahaha gl on that o;

yah ur pc i bet u integrated GPUS are faster now G45 FTW lol

lol my motherboard has like rape IGP

I get like 40 fps in cod4 all high rofl

even like 2x AA and 2x AF

Go Geforce 8200!


lol, KO you're spending how much on your build?

like $500-600 ish

i got $112 on me, and waiting for the british embassy to put $275 in my bank for two parties that i worked.

b-day coming up at october 26th, so hopefully i'll get some money to get the rest i need for the build.

for this build i'm not going to do sli or crossfire.. so i'm just going to get something with a 2.0 x16 pci-e slot, like the p5q mobo: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131295

i'm thinking of getting the q6600, but i'm not fully decided on it yet. i may get something cheaper then upgrade to a q9xxx cpu when the prices drop to the price of the q6600, since the core i7's are coming out.

i'm gonna use my 8600gt to save some money at first, then buy a new gpu when i have money for it.

ram, just 2 gigs of some cheap ocz ram 800mhz?

psu, 600w for the gpu i get later?

case, undecided..

and some other parts like a nicer gpu heatsink will have to wait til i get more cash. but for the shit i'm undecided on iono, what do you guys think?

Get this. Fuck the asus.


Q6600 is allright but if you're on a budget I would go with a high end dual core and then upgrade to a quad later when prices drop, Which is wut im doing :]

This ram is great, I use it in my system and its pretty cheap


Get a cooler master elite for your case, Its cheap and pretty rape lol

Power supply, Cheap and a lifetime warranty :]



i can get the antec 300 for the same price as that CM at microcenter.. it looks better+ i can just cut the side panel and put in a window! :3~

so i should just get like the e8400 and save $20? the q6600 still sounds better for the extra $20 imo ;o

i like that ram, though i was thinkin about just getting 2 gigs for now.

and looooooooool@the psu, it's kool if i didn't want to upgrade like EVERYTHING in my computer.

and so what's so bad about the asus mobo D: i'd rather get the 750i ftw over the 680i's, i'd need a new mobo if i were to get the q9xxx cpus.. :/

edit: roooofl@ one 6pin pci-e pin for only a 8800gt or 9800gt (though i don't need much anyway, i'm not a hardcore gamer.. so i'm actually thinkin about getting that) ;o

o.O that ram is 2 gigs... lol.

I honestly think that the E8400 is great for gaming, The Q6600 is future proof though.

You mentioned you were getting a Q9XXX, Thats why I suggested a high end dual core, If you upgrade from a Q6600 to like the low end Q9XXX you wont notice a difference at all hahah

I just threw out a psu rofl

Well FUCK I should have bought an antec 300 -_-

naw you linked me to 4 gigs :O

(2x2048MB) <--

yea, the thing about gaming though, is that i don't do as much of it compared to you guys. (mainly the fact that i can't game, but still..)

i could get something really cheap like the... e7200, but investing in another $60-70 and i can get the q6600 and probably won't even need the q9xxx cpus.. i was just saying it as a possibility. if i got the q6600 i would most likely just wait and see if the core i7 is good after a year or so and decide if i'll save up for a machine with that inside.

lol oh fuck, no wonder it was more expensive than mine I wuz like, WOW I GOT A GOOD DEEL


lol get counter dtrike condition zero, join the haruhiist clan :D

Got tagz and eberyting

E7200 isnt bad. lol

If you're not going to get one of the Q9xxx, get the Q6600.


looool i haven't played CZ in forever since my cousins stopped playing it. i'll dl steam again later :3

and yea i dunno, if i try to cheap up the cpu for now, i may be able to get a gpu or new monitor. this 17" dell wouldn't make me mad if it was a widescreen monitor at the very least..

lol fuck! well when you dl it lemme know your steamid and ill give you our vent info and shit

loooooool vent, now that i haven't touched in years.

edit: you can always just hit me up on MSN. [email protected]

But can it play Crysis


No it can not.

thinking about something along the lines of this: [IMG]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y263/akamaruuuu/computerparts2.jpg[/IMG]

case: http://microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0283272

q6600 is cheaper here too: http://microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0298863

rawr :3~!

WOW That is fucking unbeatable for the case and CPU


Good deal though


chrome is fucking in. large viewscreen, and it looks awesome.

firefaggot keeps CRASHING DAMNIT

i'm using them alternately when one is acting less gay than the other.

Chrome is fucking UNFINISHED


fuck that shit, You fucking fail.