When will we receive info about Polaris? Computex is today right?

Is there a schedule to find out the time AMD will present?

June 1st I think was the announcements, and the NDA was apparently June 29th

K thx

We'll receive it in around 11hours from now. [amd computex event]

If amd does the way it always does, it'll be available next week for buy.

there's going to be live stream here:

This is more of a rumor, and i hope to every god i can think of to be wrong... But we will have quote "update on Polaris" tomorrow. June 1st...

Specs leaked: http://wccftech.com/amd-radeon-rx-480-polaris-10-graphics-card-leak/

Wccftech is the most clickbait site in the history of internet. I will never trust them :)

My mistake. I wasn't aware. Thanks.

tldr ; $199 usd
for a "premium VR experience"
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