When will the Fury X2 be released?

I like to know when the Fury X2 will be released and what you all think about it.

Rumors are saying december to Q1 2016

Cool , I like to get that GPU.

My uneducated guess will be not soon.
Currently there is only one manufacturer of HBM, and this is SK Hynix. And there is quite a lack of HBM products on the market. Now it's better than the Fury / FuryX lunch, but still... If AMD are ironing out stuff and SK Hynix can't really keep up with the demand, my guess will be, that AMD would like to fill up the market with Fury products first, so they can concentrate on Fury X2 without the need to manufacture more of the other cards atleast at lunch... Launch... Don't know...
My guess is they will try to avoid the low supply/high demand of the other Fury products... This is going to be the fastest consumer grade videocard, so I hope they do this right...

I hope they do it right as well. I look forward to the Fury x2. I have a 290x so I can wait for the Fury x2 to be released.

When it comes out expect a $1500ish price tag... Maybe a little lower but I doubt it.

I really hope they get smart and launch it at $900. Bring back an age where dual-flagship GPUs aren't $1k+.

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So you think that two GPUs that each cost $650, on a custom PCB, with better cooling and power delivery will be $900? $400 less than if you just bought two Fury Xs? This is a niche product that is expensive to make especially with the scarcity of HBM. I mean you can hope all you want but $1500 would probably be it. $900 seems a little far fetched.

Dual cards should be cheaper than 2 single cards by nature.
You save costs on the PCB, cooling (you don't need 2 coolers) and such.
But having it be twice the costs is okay with me too, but then its still better to just buy 2 single cards.

My uneducated guess will be less than 1300 but more than 1000... And ofcource people will test it on Nvidia optimized GTA5, Nvidia optimized Project Cars and Nvidia optimized MGS5 and say yeah, not worth it. Meanwhile DX12 and Vulkan performance may put TitanX SLI to shame... Or atleast match it...

The chips themselves do not cost $650. If that were the case AMD would be losing money selling them for the same amount. The GPU as a whole costs less than that to make, and they have a profit margin.

I don't believe it costs AMD much more than $300 a piece to make those cards. Obviously that's hard to quantify because if they only made and sold one card then technically that card costs them millions, but if we take for granted that they hit their minimum projected sales number, then $300 seems reasonable.

With that out of the way, it also doesn't cost them $600 to build a dual-chip card. It costs the initial $300 for the first chip+board, then the cost of the second chip and new coolers. If they use existing contracts for those things, it means that the dual-chip card could actually cost in the range of $450-$550 and so selling it for $900 would be a decent (not great) profit margin, and more importantly it would absolutely crush the Enthusiast market and sell like crazy. (We know this already because Titan.)

I would love dual GPU cards to be 1000$ a piece again, that would be great.

I would love for them to be $700 again. That doesn't seem likely anymore though...

Nobody knows.