When will AMD come out with a new 8-Core to replace the FX-8350 (Discussion)?

The FX-8350 is a great value CPU that I plan on making a build with. I just don't want to get caught on the upgrade treadmill since I really want to stay updated. Does anyone have any idea when a new one may come out?

Honestly, I don't know any specific dates, but updates to AM3+ have been promised before. I'm sure they will be making a new 8-core, but it may not be AM3+, necessarily.

Any approximate dates? Anything to a year is fine with me!

AMD has said, (and i hope they stay true to it) that socket AM3+ will stay for 1 or more gens. As for a new CPU, i have not the slightest clue.

Yeah... you really gotta appreciate what AMD does. Over the course of YEARS, they improve something and further it. 

Personally, i'm waiting to see the successor to their 6 core Piledriver CPUs. A Steamroller equivalent to the 6 core CPUs is what i'm looking forward to. Hopefully they've got a very nice bump in performance.

Steamroller will probably come out roughly a year after Piledriver did. So... later this year. Provided they don't run into any major issues.

I think AMD is saying it'll be a 30% performance improvement. That seems pretty (overly) optimistic if you ask me, but even 15% would be a good boost.

if an update of the 8350 does exist and it offers a 15% increase in performance over my 8350 and last but not least.... if the price is right, then of course I will purchase it.

I really do hope that there is one planned for the am3+.

The thing that attracted me to the 8350 in the first place was the price to performance value in multithreaded apps (i use cinema4d and it will max out all cores).

As long as amd have better price to performance in multithreaded apps then they will always be my first choice.

i readed about AMD am3+ excavator, replacement for philedriver.  planed for 2014 if im right.

Some sources estimate the end of this year (Q4 2013) as this would be in keeping with their yearly release with both bulldozer and piledriver. However, as MisteryAngel states, some sources say anything from early 2014 to mid 2014.

Is it a possibility that the next generation of FX CPUs will have more than 8 cores?

They could do, as in their "FX roadmap" the 3rd generation does stat a "Greater Parallelism" which could mean more cores. However I think they might save that for a socket change. Personally I also think they should still improve IPC and general single core performance.



Single core performance is fine as is


Their single core perforance could use a boost though.

I wonder if there will be any 8 core CPUs from Intel with the comming of Haswell!

If they got the single core performance closer to that of Intel, they could start taking back a larger market share.

The Haswell chips are the same core count as Ivy Bridge across the board. With the highest end IvyBridge-E still have 6 cores with Hyper Threading.

I actually wouldn't mind if Intel increased their single core performance even more. That would kick ass!

I honestly don't think they can. They've been tweaking the same architecture every year since the Pentium 3 (except Pentium 4, which was different and a failure, everything after P4 was back to the Pentium 3 arch). Eventually they have to run out of tweaks and optimizations they can make, or come out with something entirely new, which would be very risky.

We could see the return of the clock speed war? Who knows we may also see a Intel chip stock clocked at 4GHz (or maybe 5GHz)

seriously, more cores..

if you can't go any higher, go wide :P

ya i think haswell will be a more efficient chip without a big performance increase. AMD has an opertunity to catch up here.

If Steamroller ends up being AM3, AND AM3 boards support DDR4, you’re looking at an INVESTMENT, a LONG-TERM investment if you purchase a Centurion. Pop it into a 1090FX motherboard, and if AM3 carries on when DDR4 is the norm, you’ll simply be upgrading your motherboard, while keeping that processor which I’m SURE will have PLENTY of usable power for years.

If Centurion goes up to the 12K Passmark, or higher, it’s a monster. If it scores something like 14 (a bit crazy-talk, I know), then I think I’m going to go nuts. And definitely getting one. And I could never see myself spending $500 on a CPU!