When to stop paying bad companies

If you want to skip straight to my question, it is the last two sentences.


I finally got around to watching the latest INBOX.exe and was surprised to hear Logan say he uses Comcast. I'm about to say 'we' and feel like I should clarify, by 'we' I mean what I believe most of you reading this think and know that I could be wrong. We talk about how Verizon, Comcast, and others like them are bad, but yet we still use them. For me I use Verizon since they are the only one's who offer decent reception in my area, but like Logan said, there are other options they could switch to at any time. If these companies are doing things that hurt the industry and consumer, why do you keep using them? At what point should we draw the line and switch to an alternative?

I would say that it depends on yourself (your own thoughts and your own needs etc). Comcast might be doing some shady/bad stuff indifference to other companies, but they also might be the only ones giving you the high bandwidth and/or services that you need. The question is rather what you feel is worth more to you. Do you absolutely hate when companies abuse their position or stuff like that and don't mind cutting back on the services you require, then you probably should choose another company with better morality than Comcast. Ofcourse, I would love it if people would start working together and form huge groups who would try to change the "system" by, as an example, all changing from Comcast and going over to a company with "nice morality". This would then, maybe, push the new company to improve their services and make everyone happy because everyone gets the good service aswell as good morality. But, society doesn't always work as you would like.