When to buy a new CPU this year?

Hi to everyone!

After almost 3 years it is time for me to replace my good old AMD FX 8350. After searching the web and reading rewievs, I now need a proffesional opinion. First I was sure that I would go for the Intel I7 4790K but after looking at the roadmap of the Intel lineup this year I thought that I should wait until Intel launched the skylake CPUs. What do you think? Is it worth to wait almost until Q3 2015? How big do you think will be the Performance increase?

Thanks for the help!



Probably going to be worth waiting, from what I've heard. 

what do you use your computer for? most cpu's are pretty adequate for everything that's being done right now.

Wait is worth it.  If you are willing to wait long enough though, you could possibly look at AMD Zen CPUs, which will supposedly be amAZZZZing.

Also, on the last note:  Why are you replacing, 8350 is great and will probably be a decent, if not great processor to last another year and a half

Thanks for all the answers so far!

I know there is no "real" need for an upgrade, sometimes it just seems that The FX is bottlenacking my two GTX 780 Poseidons. I bought this Cpu 3 years ago combined with two HD 7970 which did a great job until one of them died. Also said that I do run a surround setup I could realy use the extra FPS.



crank up to 2400MHz RAM to help relieve the "bottleneck" and make sure the CPU is freaking cold. NH-D14 helps this. Also, Max out your OC. Bottlenecking is mostly gone after a decent OC.

Try to raise you FSB as high as possible. I had mine at 300 and had no problems then with two graphics cards.

IMO the best option is waiting until Zen from AMD comes out and see how Intel responds.  Intel probably wont do anything "impressive" until they have a reason to.