When is Windows 10 upgrade deadline

I havent been able to find the exact deadline of Windows 10 upgrades for windows 7,8, and 8.1 and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with the answer? I think it came out janurary of last year and most sources say a year after so by the end of janurary I think they are going to stop upgrades?
I am building a new system for 3d modeling, rendering, and gaming the first week of feburary and I am worried I will miss the deadline as I need to install windows 8 or 8.1 in order to upgrade to 10 because of a specific program I must run. The program is Autodesk Revit 2016 which does not support windows 10 and will not install onto a windows 10 computer however if I install it on a windows 8 computer and then upgrade to windows 10 it works fine. I have a asus g750 and upgraded from 8.1 to 10. When I installed the program on 8.1 i had to install some service packs but it worked and when I upgraded to 10 it stayed on as the upgrade keeps your files. On the other side my freinds who bought new windows 10 laptops can not find fixes for their installs so this is where I am sorta in limbo. I don't want to buy windows 8 and then windows 10 just to be on 10.

yeah...good luck. I tried to update one of my laptops from 8 to 8.1, failed. It always gets stuck updating 8 so i can go to 8.1. Going from 8 to 10 without the 8.1 first doesn't work. Smart, windows, smart. See what you did tharr.

June or July this year, not fully sure exact date
I need to look it up.

29th of July 2016

Same date it came out last year.

I don't mind going from 8-8.1 as that's basically a free update anytime pretty much and I never had an issue with my upgrade, just don't want to buy two copies of Windows just to get one program running.

yeah the windows store 8.1 update failed because my 8 was not up to date, so whenever i try to update 8 so i can update to 8.1 and then 10 just always fails. not sure what's making it not want to update, need to look into it because the laptop has other issues (right clicking makes it freeze often, for instance)

You need to push all of the windows updates it before attempting to upgrade to 8.1. Also I there are downloads they make out with that you can download to a more "permanent" storage like your desktop. That way you don't have to download it again if it fails. I'd also run a SFC scan before attempting to upgrade.

You should be able to directly upgrade from 7 or 8.x to Windows10 basicly.
If you install all updates for your current OS, i should basicly also install the Windows10 upgrader,
which will download Windows10 in the background.
Media creation tool might work aswell.

Media Creation Tool works fine, just download the iso make a usb and put the stuff on it and launch it already booted and you'll get the "upgrade this pc" without having to wait for other windows updates.

Yes should be possible basicly.

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+1 for this. I was on the list for the forced upgrade long before Win10 was RTM, but the day it released I just wrote install media and did it manually anyway. No need to let Windows do it for you.

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Since the topic shifted a bit I want to ask if anyone of you had experience in upgrading a system to W10 without using the GWX program but making a flash drive with media creation tool and formatting the system's disk? I don't want to make a "dirt" installation but start fresh because upgrades on already compiled OSs can be a bit problematic. Thanks.

do you mean just doing a clean install?

Yeah. On one machine I have the phisycal CD code, on the notebook the code is in the BIOS and that's the situation that "worries" me the most. I don't want to install it, not be able to activate the copy and than re-install W8 and update it hahaha

go to the microsoft website and download the media creator.

if it doesnt let you do the upgrade then all you need to do is click upgrade for another pc.

i upgraded from win7 and had the update a few times over a couple weeks when i tried to upgrade

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oh i see what you mean, hmm i think you may have to update it first because it activates like windows 8 does to your hardware. i think you may have to do that first then do a clean W10 install. i have done a clean install of it on a new ssd i got and that activated fine. but i think that is because previously i had upgraded rather than clean installing on the same system

the first time i installed it i had loads of issues

mouse wouldnt work
keyboard wouldnt work
wifi card wouldnt work

i had to turn it off with the power button on the front of my pc and downgrade using a backup i had on one of my hdd's

i think windows 10 is still a bit trppy about drivers, or rather drivers not fully supported on windows 10 yet. my corsair mouse takes like 30 seconds to kick in after everything else on boot up

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yeah, there was a big issue with video card drivers for quite a while.

i was quite suprised when my mouse and keyboard wouldnt work there not exactly new.

rat5 and a cyborg v7 keyboard

its not so bad on a desk top but when ive had a few customers that want windows 10 on their laptops then it sucks, i have to say most laptops ive upgraded from 7 to 10 half the drivers dont work after. so annoying