When is the next 6-core intel cpu due?

To be more specific a 5820k/5930k equivalent. Im asking because I am looking to upgrade soon but Im not in a hurry either so if new CPUs with decent improvements are comming within the next 9 months I would rather wait.

the Enthusiast platform gets upgrade every year after the Mainstream platform gets upgraded. the mainstream platform is going to get Broadwell and or Skylake sometime this year. after that happens, , Broadwell will come to x99 the following year.

I swear that Intel said they were going to try to keep the Enthusiast platform as up to date as they can, such as having the 2011 parts 5 or so months after the 1151 or what ever it be. (I don't know if im right so plz don't quote). XD But if you were going to upgrade soon how soon ?

The other thing to keep in mind is that Intel only ever make very small refreshes every generation unless poked to do more and nothing has poked them recently and will not have by the time it comes. So even if nothing comes along the 5820/5930k will be more than capable for a long time.

I take it that means the next 6-core will be released Q3 or Q4 2016? If thats the case I will just pick up a 5820k

You're better off with the 5820K if you want X99 for cheap. Also mind you each chip generation usually shows a 10% increase in IPC. That added performance is something you can get just from an overclock.

Broadwell-e will just be a die shrink, no major IPC gains, just less power/more cores.
Big thing about broadwell-e is going to be the big 24 core xeon part, the biggest one right now is 18.
So 6 more cores for the same power more or less.

Just as a note the 1366 stuff (Ye ol' Enthusiast stuff) Still does pretty good today and was only beat by the 4770k, Im talking about the I7-990x But still that thing lasted a while and if you have one still no reason to up grade. So if you get a 5930k you will probably be ahead of the 6770 Or what ever it be named and maybe still ahead of the 7000 series. Soooo.

Pretty sure a x5650 beats a 4770k.
Being a 6 core 32nm 1366.
I pulled one from a old workstation at work that was scrapped, going to give it to my friend and overclock it for him, hes got a rampage 3 2extreme5me and currently a i7 950.

I was talking non-Xeon because i thought we were talking x99/x79/2011 (Enthusiast) So only I7 but yes 1366 is still quite boss.

Xeon and I7 is usually the same thing, other than i7s usually being unlocked and unable to use ECC memory and multiple sockets.

But they are on a C602,C602J,C604,C606 and C608 Chipset and are not "enthusiast platform" sooooo yea but i see your point.

X58 supports the Xeon 1366 parts just fine.

Yes but Xeon's are not Enthusiast. It no mater though.

You realize Xeon's on the Main Stream are just I7's or I5's that support ECC memory (But do NOT require ECC memory), support VT-D, and do not have multiplier overclocking, right? Like I'm running a Xeon 1231-v3 in my Z97 board right now. Your argument is based off cpuboss, which is evidence enough to evidence enough to disregard everything your saying. That site is the least reputable of all online sources. It is not to be trusted or used as a comparison tool, because it is not reputable.

The stock clock cinebench score of the Xeon x5650 is 680-690. The stock cinebench score of a I7 4790k is 890-900. Overclocked the 4790k can almost get to 960 points with a 4.8ghz range overclock. The x5650 overclocked to like 4.1ghz can get too the 800 range. Its a much older architechure and a single x5650 doesn't have enough cores to compensate for that. My Xeon 1231-v3 is getting 720-730 in the same tests for comparison.

intel has not announced a new X99 chip as yet.
As far as i know.

I don't see why intel would bother updating their x99 anytime soon.
If I were intel I'd just skip skylake-e and just stick with broadwell-e.
Broadwell-e is comming Q1 2016 or so, and I'm pretty sure we wont see skylake-e until q3 2016.

the world will start shittin brix when intel gets its stick out of its ass and starts making 8+ core chips that are at the 5Ghz wall

Reasons for a new X99 core..... AMD Zen cores ........ only reason i can think of.