When is the kinetic energy cooler coming out!

Kinetic Energy Cooler

I believe is  not as complex as custom water cooling loop as well!  and i don't trust water near my computer prats at all.   

Probably never.  Every 5 years people come out with "the new cooling technology" but nothing ever comes from it.

I hope it comes out. I want to play with it.

By the looks of it it is a very early prototype. However the fact that they had a working test at CES is promising. However I would assume that if they were serious about it it they would be testing it now and it would not come out on the consumer market until late 2016 if ever. 

Thanks your the possilbe year 2016. Sorry if can't say sooner!

What was the other cooling technology? That did't come out over the 10 years ago?

I hope it better then water cooling as well.