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When is Doom Eternal coming out? (Doom Discussion)


Sick of waiting for this game. Amazon listed the game as coming out December 28th. Now it’s the 31st?

I also wanted to talk about the first game. I loved Doom 2016. But holy shit… it’s gotta be one of the worst value games i’ve ever purchased in terms of dollar per hour. That game really should be seen as a PROLOGUE to the new games, instead of a first chapter. Plus I got the Collector’s Edition. Sheesh! Even worse.

As soon as I beat it I couldn’t believe it was over. And I wanted the game to continue. It just felt unbelievably short; which it was. I mean, less than an hour for a level is just ridiculous…

One thing I noted immediately was the design they took from Metroid Prime. I noticed that very quickly. Mainly in the map. The biggest problems were the lack of real use for the map; not enough exploration, and ultimately not a 1:1 translation of the original game’s gameplay. Having to actually navigate, backtrack to an door which was previously locked. Feeling the excitement and some level of accomplishment of having unlocked a new area. PLATFORMING is another thing absent. Doom did a fantastic job of utilizing its engine at the time and mixing up gameplay. It really was a game ahead of its time. It was more diverse than people realize. Doom 2016 did touch on it a little, but not nearly as much to create a more varied gameplay experience. Doom Eternal looks like it’s going to fulfill that void far more, just by looking at the new dash ability. It looks like a great game, but I’m just tired of waiting for it.

One thing I forgot to add is that far, far too much was put into the Multiplayer. If all efforts were put into the singleplayer, it would’ve been an exponentially better experience. I would reserve that to Quake, being ID. Doom never had a reputation for multiplayer, and the 7th generation gimmick of multiplayer is what ruined the potential for the game. A gimmick that - from the looks of it - still goes on to this day. Tacked on and unnecessary. Oh, and I almost forgot that the Codex in the game is VERY contradictory and only helps prove my points here with Story Mode. It hints at a more deep, engaging experience, but really it’s just short-lived and not as great as it easily could have been.

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#soon I’ve seen the weird date too but who knows really.



Hi, someone would have found something about the config to have on PC?
Thank you.

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Come again?

Oh, system requirements you mean? I believe they are the same. Or NEARLY the same. My 960 not only ran Doom, but it ran it cranked to max. A 970 won’t break a sweat. If you have a more up-to-date 6-tier Nvidia GPU then you have no worries. Or even a newer 5 tier, honestly.



Last rumor I heard was Halloween of 2019. Can’t find the source.

It’s slated, as far as I know, for this year some time.

Cannot wait to rip and tear all over again. I only hope they do a co-op never ending horde mode WITH music this time. That would be fucking amazing. Just never ending waves of increasing difficulty.



Probably next year… and based on the FPS already lined up makes sense:



Yeah, i’m thinking really delayed.

Oh, and on a side note. I hope I can run Doom Eternal as well as Doom on my 4GB 960. I literally run the game maxed without a hitch. I think great optimization has a lot to do with it. Hopefully the graphics aren’t a crazy upgrade. Then again, I might just upgrade my GPU already. Idk.