When is a good time to upgrade

yaah lately i have been thinking about upgrading my gaming pc since it getting old quick i think it is but would it be a ok move for me to upgrade i mean i ran windows performance index and my cpu(AMD Fx6300) score 7.1 being the lowest score second being ram(corsair Vengeance) follow by my ssd(crucial 500m) the higher score was my gpu(AMD 7850) i mean should i upgrade would it be worth it i mean would it be better for me to hold off i think i should hold off but what do you guys think

WPI is a horrible method through which to decide you need to upgrade. Don't pay attention to it.

Your CPU is still very capable, and your graphics card is pretty midrange. Unless you're playing some very CPU-bound games, or are running a pretty high resolution/want to run games on higher settings, your GPU should be fine. Your SSD should be fine,  and if you have at least 8 GB of RAM you're fine there too.

If you're unhappy with your performance, you should begin to consider upgrading. It's a personal thing. Some people are satisfied with performance levels that others may not be. Knowing what requirements to fulfill, to play games on ultra settings, is a different matter.

Your system is fine by today's standards. The FX6300 and 7850 will run all games with pretty acceptable settings. Battlefield 4 -likely- on high presets 1080p.

Though, if you're unhappy with your gaming performance, consider upgrading your GPU to something like a 280x. That's the only worthwhile upgrade to make on your particular configuration. Everything else is up-to-par, in my estimation.

tanks you for the reply i play minecraft a lot and im trying to get the shader mod to run with more fps then 30 and below minecraft is cpu intensive but the shader mods is probably making it stress my gpu not sure what is holding my performance what i find weird is there people with lesser configuration achieving better fps with the shader mods then me im still playing at 900p resolution it fine for now im just unhappy about my minecraft with the shader mods performance