When CPU Load is above 70% computer beeps sometimes shutsdown randomly

I’m not the best at computers, however, I have been having a problem were if my computer’s cpu gets above 70% it starts making a beep sound (I get the amount by a program known as “CAM” a friend of mine recommended it to me a couple mins ago.) My computer also randomly restarts without a blue screen every couple days. It’s getting on my nerves and I’m not quite sure what to do.

AMD-FX-6300 (Yep I know its quite bad when I built my computer I had no idea about it)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Windows 10

What are your cpu temps looking like at load?

Power supply? Thermals? How old is this issue? Have something happened, like q storm or electrical maintenance or something a bit before the issues occurred for the first time? Have you checked your hard drives for problems?

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This issue has been going on for about 2-3 months I’d say, I have had this computer for like 2 years and out of the blue it started happening.
Nothing odd has happened tbh. I didn’t check anything as I’m not sure what to do and not trying to mess up anything.

On loading its around 10-60 it goes up when I start playing video games and sometimes just randomly.

10-60 is a pretty big range lol. What I would do to rule out an overheating cpu is run prime or some other cpu stressing program and at the same time have your cpu temp monitor up. If/when your computer starts beeping, record the cpu temp.

First thing I would do is try and find a powersupply from a friend or something, just to test if yours in’t dead, cause if a power supply unit dies, it takes away EVERYTHING ELSE with it.

oh. My computer screen also goes black for a couple of seconds sometimes not sure if that could mean something

Could be a graphics card thing that could be because of the power supply…
By the way, I have a friend, who had a similar issues. Try moving your graphics card to another PCI-e slot…
But really, if this doesn’t work, try and find another power supply just to test…

Alright I’ll try.

What motherboard are you using? I have a similar beeping issue for a few years now when my Northbridge hits ~85°C when the CPU is under load for a while and I have half a cat stuck to my front intakes. It may very well be that some components on your board are aging and get hotter over time.

Where’s the other half?

For older AMD CPUs, I have one too, I believe the safe operating temps were only up to 65-75 degrees. So you are all ready hitting that.

It may be that the 70% load is just a frequent correlation point. The reality night be that at around 70% load the temps hit critical and the system shuts down to save itself and that also what’s causing the beeping.

What cooler do you have on the CPU?

Still on the cat. I was talking about fur :wink: