When are the prices for monitors going to drop?

I'm planning on getting a new monitor. My gpu isnt really showing its full glory with a dell 17 in. monitor.

I want to get either a 22 or 24. Depends on the price. I looked it up and the 24 in is about 150 - 200 more than the 22 in. But is it worth the investment? I don't want to buy it and find out the prices dropped the following week. Any clue to when it will drop? or is it safe to buy it in a couple months from now?

not really anytime soon man

okay thats cool. might as well get a 22 in then.

they wont drop unless some company invents some brand new awesome monitor that blows everything away for half the price. kind of like what ati did in a sense.

like the curved monitor thats has like three 22's inch? megotrice posted..

the prices will go down when they find ways to produce them cheaper and easier.

Just get a CRT, it'll give you over 9000 pixels with insane resolutions.

rice? what does a spotter say about his pixel level....

hah. those dont even go above 20 inches. Not to mention that they're bulky.

but they give an awesome picture, you have to give them that

can't argue there

not to me, to me crt's strain my eyes! ahh!

Then we should all be cavemen again. Lets go back to CRT.


crt's are still used by artists because many believe the color is better.

um. so which way is it? I dont get what your trying to input for this topic... Seems to me thats you've contradicted yourself.

Either way, majority of the people who have computers are shifting to lcd's. Light, compact, and efficient.

CRT's are hard to find, but your right, crt's are better for artist, because sometimes when they look close, (even when you do) you see the pixels

4 to 6 months from now, I expect. I actually watch alot of monitor prices. It really depends on the company and how often they bring out new models


It will go down once LED monitors and TVs replace LCD. Lol. Which samsung has already begun.....

i want an HD monitor (24") with some decent speakers and an HDMI port for my consoles and computer, (if i get a gpu with an HDMI adapter) for under $200!