When are the non-referance R9 280x coming out?

as i said in the title, when are the non-reference R9 280x coming out?

you probably mean the  R9-290X non refference ? ☺

shite, i didn't even mean that! hah just the R9-290.


Hopefully in the next couple of weeks because that would put it about a month after the cards released 

^I would like to know this as well.  I'm stuck with an amazing computer that can't run any games because it has no graphics card atm :(

Not soon enough.

If they were smart, they would be out already. However I would say if they aren't out in the next few days, you probably won't see them till post christmas, or in the new year.

but i want to give myself a brand new R9 290X as a gift :D please ASUS , make a closed liquid loop cooling so i can be happy :D

There are allready waterblocks for a R9-290 (X)