When are 8 cores / 10 cores / 12 cores due?

hi i'd like anyones educated guess from you guys

when will intell make 8 / 10 / 12 core cpu's (16/20/24 threads)


we've been stuck on 4 cores for quite a while, and we barely made it to 6

any chance next year they might actually jump into 8~12 cores since we are going 22nm or so?

what are your thoughts about sandy bridge-E and broadwell/haswell


( i was thinking of buying a pc next month but i've been holding back wondering if it's not the best time to be buying since we might get 8 cores or higher sooner than i thought we would so i'm hesitating ( i need more cores for what i'm doing since i'm leaving a lot of cpu intense tasks open in the background 24/7)

nope. most applications don't even fully use 6 threads, so adding more cores is useless.

server processors are already at 8c/16t for intel, but that is a whole different story. servers usually run alot of VM's, so having alot of threads is advantageous. hence the 12core amd opteron

so it doesn't matter if i upgrade now or later?

I would get it now. haswell isn't for at least another year.

what I expect to see is better integrated graphics, being the biggest thing.



Sandy Bridge-E is a strong processor. Even the 3820 is quite a beast. Haswell, will be slightly better power consumption and better graphics. Probably mildly faster. If you really feel underpowered just get a 3930K overclock it and destroy almost anything. Its more then enough for consumer grade proccessing.

the thing is i won't feel a performance jump if i go for 4 or 6 cores

i really want to push it higher to like 8cores(16threads) atleast

i'm already lagging on my i7 920 oc at 4ghz

so i'm wondering how long to wait till it's worth it

Its 6 physical cores, and 12 logical cores. If you are gaming, you wont use any of it. So really its still a move up of 4 cores. If you are rendering, it will give you a huge boost in performance.

umm... games depend more on your graphics than on your cpu. what graphics card do you have?



gtx 670 i'm fine in gaming if i don't have anything in the background that's eating my cpu usage but it's annoying because i want my pc to be doing other things while i'm gaming

i'm using my pc for cpu tasks and not mainly gaming

hence why i'm asking you guys for your educated guesses on when intel's ocoto cores 8cores or higher might come on 2013? or 2014? how long should i wait?

If you got the money, I wouldnt bother waiting. Its a big bump moving up to 2011. They dont expect Ivybridge-e to have 8 cores (but it might), so it probably is Q4 2013 or maybe Q2 2014.

I think that the AMD FX-8150 has 8 cores. 

yes, however, we are only talking about intel here, AMD has 4 octo-core prosses. 8120, 8150, 8320, and 8350.



You want an Xeon E5-2660 get two of them put them in this mobo then you got 16 cores and 32 threads.

More cores is not always the answer (as AMD keeps proving) most applications these days are not made to take advtantage of more than one core and games rarely use more than 4. Basically this whole thing is just like the GHz war we had before, focusing on only one aspect of CPU performance. Efficiency is the key.


Ah. My bad. (Not an AMD Fanboy.) I thought that we just talking about 8+ core CPUs, not Intel-only.

There are 8 core Xeons already. Also AMD has 16 core CPUs available now (but at far lower clock).

The problem is heat. Cramming all those high clocked cores inside a single small package creates too much heat to be removed without specialized and expensive hardware.

No need CPU's are already ahead of there time when looking at intel.  Most applications do worse on more cores over 4-6 anyway.

I know it's expencive but the jump to 2011 is well worth it... I'm running the 3930K and it runs sweetly at 4.5GHz. I know more games can not take advantage of all of the threads but having it run at 4.5GHz dose the job. I mainly play ArmA (Dayz) and a fiend of mine runs with simular perfomance with a i5 running at the same speed. The difference is I'm often recording with Fraps and get 30+ fps while recording. 

LGA 1155 will never get more than four cores.

lga 1155 is finished. the ivy processors were the last for it. haswell is gonna b 1156, i think.