Hello everyone,

I am running 8.1 and I keep getting the "whea_uncorrectable_error" I have no idea why and sometimes it runs fine for a while but I suddenly get a BSOD and it reboots. Are any of these parts incompatible or would it be that I have damaged one of my parts some how? I just finished building this machine a few days ago and just recently started getting this problem. Its a very new build and nothing on it is used. Somebody please help! 

My build:


asus Z87-Pro

Corsair Vengeance 8gb (2x4) ddr3-1866

, samsung 840 evo 250gb ssd + seagate barracuda 3tb 7200rpm

sapphire r9 280x

corsair 850W


Also - just a side note..

I am also having a problem with my two hard drives. I am trying to set them up so that my video games and OS run on the SSD and everything else that I have - music, pictures, videos, documents, etc - go on my HDD. How do I go about doing this? Also, my computer doesn't read my HDD as its full size, it only wants to use 2TB's of it then the rest just sits there. It says "Unallocated"

So many problems with this new build..

Any help or guidance would be great! Thanks everyone.  


yeah...that could be any number of things. Bad ram or overclocked ram, unstable overclock, failing hard drive, incompatible hardware. Its a very non specific error message that just means that a piece of hardware burped and windows freaked out and BSOD. Mine does it occasionally, probably from my RAM, because I think the RAM slots on my MB are dying, or are just shitty. As far as I know the only way to troubleshoot this error is to swap out hardware, which isnt practical, or reduce overclocks, which if you don't overclock leaves you in a jam.

I haven't over clocked at all. My Sapphire comes at a factory over clock.

I wonder if I just need to update my drivers/firmware or something because it was all fine and dandy until I updated my computer. Could it be my ram or just my SSD that is cruddy?

This is just very frustrating. First build, so I'm a first time builder. Everything I have here is brand new. You don't think the peripherals would cause incompatibilities would it? Because I don't, it just wouldn't make any sense.

The only thing that I can think of is updating drivers or firmware which could be what i need to do but if that doesn't do a thing then I have no idea what to do.


Why wouldn't you update your drivers and firmware? Go do that. If the WHEA errors are only occasional I wouldn't worry about it. But it it is happening constantly, you system is unstable.

well that was actually the first thing I did when I started the computer and it was running fine and dandy the first day. Today is the third day I've had it and I haven't updated any drivers since it got an update and restarted which was when this shit storm started, that's why I haven't done so. I just didn't think that could have been the problem. 

How would I make my system stable if it happens constantly? 

Try rolling back to the previous drivers. Possible that the current drivers are unstable. Wait for the next set to be released then update. Welcome to the PC master race, where powerful custom gaming Rigs are brought to their knees by shitty driver updates...it happens.

Spectacular. I'll give that a shot. Thanks a ton for the help man, I really appreciate it.

No prob! I know the pain of being a first time system builder. I was there, like, a year ago lol. I have learned a lot since then, and I don't mind passing on some knowledge.

Alright, so one more question. If the drivers/firmware update or downloading previous drivers doesn't fix it, what then? Try swapping out parts? I'm almost ready to call a technician ha ha. 

pretty much. Its a hardware issue at that point, and figuring out which piece of hardware it is is a daunting task, You can attempt to troubleshoot it yourself, but that could take days, or even weeks. Just hope the rollback works lol.