Whay are we using 2.5G and not 10G?

Okay that’s fair now that I read more of the thread.

I’d agree with that but add that there just isn’t demand for 10GBE in the consumer space. It just doesn’t make sense. People forget that most ‘normal’ households even with people that do a lot of gaming are just using whatever WiFi modem router combo that was supplied by their ISP, and those of us with network storage are a tiny niche. Pretty sure most households don’t even have a desktop anymore. And so power users are left with whatever happens to either trickle down used from enterprise or is entry-level enough that it’s affordable but not necessarily worth it for an individual.

they replaced the price for 10G with the price of 2.5 and make a new price higher for the 10G

- This was my entire issue here, because I think we’ve got people confusing prices rising globally because of supply chain issues/etc with this claim. Because in my experience it’s just not true and I haven’t seen any evidence of this.

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Basically that.

10G switches are loud, expensive and the average consumer has no real need for it, certainly not enough need to justify the price.

Ex-enterprise gear is not home friendly. And 99% of home user normies load all their stuff from the cloud on the other end of a < 100 megabit pipe. Those who don’t have a NAS with spinning disks in it that they pull h.265 video off, which just doesn’t need the throughput.

I’d love home 10 gig as well, but i’m not willing to deal with the fan noise or expense, and in all honesty i don’t need it. I just put the VMs on teh same box as the storage. Which enterprise is starting to do with hyperconverged shit reasonably often now anyway.

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Correct, but when you are using them together and you are looking for low latency, like me…

The total expense is the real issue. I a running mikrotik gear and it is all fanless. I spent about 500 -600 on switches though. Overall the pro-sumer gear has come down in price but for what most people do, the benefit just is not there.


the ghetto (home user cheap) way is to use 10G NICs back to back with no switch for the few connections that actually need it.

It’s not clean and it doesn’t scale, but for home/consumer it is much much cheaper and does the job.

even 10 gig is slow these days if you’re talking about running VMs off network storage. it’s only 1 gig/sec which even a reasonably pedestrian m.2 SSD will outrun. To get anywhere near that throughput you need > 40 gig networking and that shit still ain’t cheap. Or just use hyper convergence :slight_smile:

The only thing that is a bigger joke than 10gbE is 2.5/5gbE.


Those ports are useful if you have say, 2 gigabit internet (or other WAN) connection, as they’re much cheaper SFP+ modules than 10 gig.

(also, the router required to handle 2.5 gig (if you want to claim line rate routing/firewalling) can be smaller/cheaper too :slight_smile: )