What's your Mozilla Firefox security add-on combo?

Like the title. What's your Mozilla Firefox security add-on combo ?

So far I've only been using adblock + and some cookie eaters and I want to improve.

Give us your security add-ons list. I'm sure many people can benefit from this information !! 

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I use adblock and https evveryehere


what cookie eater are you using?

Firefox Security… on Windows. ha. I chuckled.

Like anarekist said, Adblock and HTTPS everywhere are good ones. Ghostery is a good option, as well. 

I personally use google chrome, though. If only for the superior syncing ability.

Ignoring that it's completely impossible to make browsing on windows anywhere as secure as on other platforms - here you go:

Https Everywhere: you know why...

AdBlock: must have, ads are the biggest virus source of all are also used as tracker

Disable all plugins: seriosuly, disable every plugin, make flash click to play if you need it

Cookie Monster: fast access to a whitelist and a temporary whitelist (prevents much tracking)

NoScript: pretty much no browser exploit works without JS and most trackers also don't work without JS - this breaks pretty much every interactive website so you have to whitelist some stuff

RequestPolicy: aggressively blocks all cross-site-requests; tracking gets pretty much impossible but it breaks even more websites than noscript so you have to do more whitelisting stuff

disconnect: if RequestPolicy is to hardcore for you

Very nice list.

HTTPS Everywhere (long live the EFF), NoScript, Request Policy, Adblockplus.

anarekist - I’m using self-destructing cookies.

I’m glad I could make you chuckle Satya Neen but I work with what I've got not with what I wish I had. Thank you for the list I will definitely check it out.

I like that list, but if i had to choose one it would definitely be NoScript. And after a day or two of whitelisting your most frequently visited websites everything works.