Whats your Gaming mice/mouse?

Logitech RX1000, works great for me :P

Shoot, I'm still rocking an old diamondback, works great for over 5 years.


I'm still using a Logitech M-UAE96. It's old, it's basic, and it does what I want it to do. I don't need insanely high DPI, or anything like that. I like realistic feel of turning in games. I like the challenge of trying to keep your crosshairs on the target, or get close enough for a good shot. 

I just cannot justify spending more than 20 bucks on a mouse for gaming. For a keyboard, or motherboard or anything else related to gaming, yeah I'll spend the extra money, but a mouse is just a mouse. Period.

Using a Cyber Snipa Silencer Gaming Mouse, it's a damn good gaming mouse for the money

Well it's obvious you've never tried out a high dpi mouse because once you get used to it, your game play skill increases tenfold. 

Steel Series Ikari Laser- FPS gamer only. I still use the ikari laser over the steel series kana that i just won in the apple invention contest due to the ikari being so comfortable.

Razer Naga 2012 and a Razer Nostromo Keypad. I use a laptop and don't like using it for gaming since I can't replace it like a normal keyboard.

logitech m310


best cheap wireless mouse I've ever found

Razer Mamba, very comfy to use

Logitech G5,Logitech MX518, Gigabyte M8000X, Steelseries Sensei > I have a few computers, Use the Sensei on my main.

Steelseries Sensei on my main rig, Steelseries Xai on my laptop and LAN box / Guest box

Steelseries Ikari laser mouse. Been using this for a few years now, its very comfortable. If I was going to change I would get the Mionix naos 5000. I love good ergonomics.

I currently use the Logitech MX500 ... but only because they sent it to me. If I had a choice? I'd prob go SteelSeries or Razer.

Roccat Kova+ here, looking for a bigger one though :|

I use the logitech g9x, and love it.


Logitech G400 for my main rig, CM Storm Xornet for my laptop and an ambi MS IntelliMouse Optical for my file/print/game server downstairs. They're all great mice for their respective purposes and the first two are very cheap compared to other high performance mice.

Second that... so expensive though.. can't believe I just dropped 100 pingers on a mouse.

Zowie EC1 eVo

Steelseries Ikari Lazer, bit worn from years of use but still the most comfortable mouses I've used. Also have a Corsair M60 I keep with my laptop.

Razer Imperator