Whats your Gaming mice/mouse?

Me?...logitech g9x ^^

Rocking a logitech G700.

Tt esports Black Element

Corsair M60

Microsoft Sidewinder X_X

9 dollar HP mouse 

GIGABYTE GM-M7700 for laptop 

RAZER Abyssus  for desktop 


G400, looking to up grade to a R.A.T. 7 or M60soon when i get the paid

Logitech G5. I have the G5 not the G500 my bad.

Logitech G5. I don't like that rough plastic very much. Just makes my hands sweat and the mouse always feels dirty. I'll probably be buying another mouse soon. 

R.A.T. 7 has issues, over sensitive

Corsair M60 and Logitech G9x


SteelSeries Diablo III mouse... I don't even play Diablo III but I love the mouse. I'll be trying out some new units from Razer and hopefully Roccat soon. 

Still using the Logitech G9 ever since RTW was created (circa July 2008).

Also moved this thread. Yoy should know better that Other Hardware is for hardware and PC Gaming is for PC-platform games...

I was using the Microsoft Sidewinder X8, but it crapped out on me after 3 months.

I bought a Logitech G9X to replace it, and it works great.

Razer Imperator compliments of my friends at RazetheWorld

A very old and worn out logitech G6

MS Intellimouse 1.1 optical with textured surface

Logitech MX518, 4 years old and going strong. I am semi-actively looking for a replacement.


currently using a corsair M60, but i'll be picking up a steelseries sensei, the better one will stay on my desktop, the other goes to the laptop