What's your favorite programming language?

Hey people! Give a shout out for your favorite language to program in, and maybe explain why you feel that way. It can also be helpful to describe the types of software projects you work on. If you want, feel free to list multiple categories with your favorite language for each area.

I'll get the ball rolling here:

Overall my favorite language would have to be C. It's a very flexible language and is useful for lots of low level work. I use it when programming for bare metal or just interfacing with hardware in general. And just about every architecture under the sun has a C compiler.

For higher level programs and general purpose hacking and problem solving, I absolutely love Python. I don't know what else to say. Python is awesome.

Java currently, not because its easy, because its packages make development a much faster process for me. Its also well documented in most every package so I can easily write something that is functional. Not to mention the fact that cross platform with using most packages. So that is a major plus for me.

the only one I know: java.

C++ is mine. It's the only one I know (other than the tiniest bit of java which is just awful to use, something about it feels wrong; all I can say) and has so far proved very easy to learn. I've barely used it though: simply read a book or two. I can't really add much to this discussion, sorry.

C is my favourite as well. I like how it creates extremely lean and efficient instructions so it's perfect for embedded systems and low level applications.

C++ since it was the first one I learnt and the one that sticks out most in my mind when trying to solve problems. I think it is so flexible, which is what I enjoy about it.

C C is my favorite, I do mostly MCUs so that's why. I am also currently learning java but I like C better

What UI framework you are using for apps? GTK is only written in C and is multiplatform enough?

I don't make apps, I do firmware for MCU's and embedded systems. UI for me is done in java using whatever eclipse comes with.

Python, C#, Perl & Javascript



I've only ever worked with C, C++, Java as well as Perl, HTML, some PHP and Shell Script. Most used ones are C and Shell Script due to my current job, but I dare saying they're also my favourites so far.

Java, even though I know it's like awful since it's cross platform and runs terrible on pretty much anything, but it's what I started with.  I was shocked when my TA in college told me that there was no such thing as private instance variables in Python.

C++ because it the only one I know except from HTML.

C# is probably my favorite. although i do enjoy java for some of its components. C++ is something i want to learn. i really don't like any web languages. nothing against web devs but its just simply not for me.

Hm i think it still would be C because I compare anything to C and know it the best. - But C++ is on the rise and there slumbers Haskell in a dark corner which is just waiting for me to have time and energy to explore the magical place of wonders and monads. :)

C++. Its really easy and I know it best

I've been meaning to dive into Haskell one of these days...


Those people are just FUN!

C#, C++, Java, Perl, Haskell, VB, are the languages I've used in the past.

I'm probably best at C++, and it's probably my favourite. Not a big fan of Java. I like C++ because I like coding everything from scratch, instead of using in-built pre-existing methods, I like to write my own, if you write it yourself you will understand what the code is doing instead of just using it.

That said, I don't really enjoy programming at all any more, somehow I've gone off computers completely in the last few months and now just want to spend life out of an office :(

Perl, it's just a joy to work with and there's very little that you can't do with it well.