Whats your favorite music genre?

If you look at my profile you'll see Hardstyle and Metal, but I have a favoriting of butt-rock because of how stupid it always is.

Buttrock meaning Crush 40 and none-such bands.

How about you guys?

I personally like indie and alternative rock so bands like Death Cab For Cutie and Arctic Monkeys.

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Progressive Rock/Metal and Synthwave.

Thrash metal (specifically from 1985 - 1995)
Trance (mainly non-vocal stuff from the 90s up till around 2008)
Drum and Bass/Jungle (up till about 2007)

Also instrumental rock/virtuosic stuff ala Satriani, Shawn Lane, Tony MacAlpine, Petrucci, etc

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I personally have never been a big fan of genres but if I had to define one it would be hip hop

Like this kind of hip hop? :D

I don't really have a favorite, but if I had to pick trance, synthwave and drum & bass would be up there.

Any good music is well....... good music.

Genres really do not play a role because there are artists I really like and artists I hate from any particular genre.


I like that. I am not really good with putting genres to things because it just doesnt make sense to me. As Tjj26_Angel said:


Of the major genres I only like metal. I can't stand rap, country, pop, and most electric stuff.
Even within metal I only really listen to Metallica, some Black Sabbath, and Slayer

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Look up Tyr. You'd probably like them.

rock and roll for life!

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Because I'm Lazy..

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Postrock like: God is an Astronaut or Explosions in the sky

Triphop like: Portished, Massive Attack, and DJ Shadow

Industrial: Dope Stars inc, Combichrist, KMFDM, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Santa Hates You, Android Lust and Many Others.

Alternative country: Hackensaw Boy and Steel Drivers.

Jazz: Pertty much any of the greats.

Ambient stuff is what makes me happy even if it is harsh like industrial

Edit: How the Fuck could I forget about Psychedelic Rock: Strawberry Alarm Clock and Chocolate Watchband

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Drum 'n' Bass


Anything that sounds good. I think the only genre in which I have found nothing to love is opera. I can appreciate the talent and practice required but it just sounds awful 100% of the time.

Probably metal with electronic elements and female vocals

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