What's your Favorite Instrument?

Name of your favorite instrument/instruments and a video of someone playing it.

Guiiitttaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr of course :D (I know i'm so creative)

@Ethereal you need to listen to this.
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Bass, be it upright or electric. Example of an amazing bassist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS0n4csFx_8

Damn that's groovy


Bamboo flutes and accordions


Such a difficult question...
I'd say a tossup between guitar and piano just for the sheer amount of stuff you can do with them.
Here's a comparison of one of my favorite classical pieces.

Any Fender that Kurt Cobain used.

First: mayonnaise.
Second: drums, as in a kit of them.

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Violin....when held by Lindsey Sterling. Her tribute to Skyrim

Pedal Board or Looper Board

It's crazy what people can do with them, dub fx still being my favorite.

Guitar. But to be more specific classical guitar :D . . .

. . . the greatest of which is likely the 1937 Hermann Hauser guitar made for Andres Segovia (pictured below) which is now housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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Viola Organista. Never seen one; never played one, but it speaks so many words through just one performer.

Cello would be my favorite instrument to listen to. To my ear it has the perfect dynamic range. The Cello has a slightly larger gamut than Acoustic and Electric guitar which is what I play. I have always wanted to play Cello but have not gotten my hands on one yet.

Accordions are really nice and diverse instrument.

Here is the most ridiculously good player I've seen:

To try and play classical style guitar is immensely difficult, especially if you're like me with no formal training

As of late I've been quite fond of the Saxophone.

HURDY-GURDY! (not really)


I can yodal like a death metal idiot on steroids.