Whats your Favorite animated show of all time?

mine is avatar the last airbender, great character development, really likeable characters, great fight scenes, also nostalgia

what's your favorite animated show?



Ed Edd N' Eddy

Kinda Brings me a Nostalgic Feeling of My Childhood and its a show i can watch over and over and never get tired of it.

Courage the Cowardly Dog has to by my first pick, basically anything from the old Cartoon Network shows.  The first anime I got really hooked on was School Rumble, I recall first watching it on Netflix being bored at my sisters house then ended up staying awake for more that 20+ hours. I was tired as all hell but kept watching the show after waking up.

Serial Experiment Lain.

Watch it.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is by far my favourite

Also, as Rudster says, Serial Experiments Lain, Watch It, be confused, but know that it means more than you know.

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LAIN is awesome. it's right up there for me too. the goddess of the wired watches over us

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Megas XLR

Invader Zim! Does it not AMAZE YOU!

Easy: Cowboy Bebop.



Ghost in the Shell, the first movie and the rest of the franchise.

Not a fan of anime but I am obsessed with the DragonBall series espiecally Z

In terms of animated comedies I'd have to say Futurama as well followed by Family Guy closely behind it.


SDF Macross (Robotech in the States)... First anime I watched and it I been into anime since. 

Code Monkeys.

I'd have to agree with this.

I loved ed edd'n'eddy and samurai jack, but my fav is Courage the Cowardly dog.
I found Daria 2 years ago and I adore it.

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