What's your favorite AM3+ Motherboard?

I personally love AMD processors.  They're fast, fairly cheap, and there's a huge selection of processors to chose from.  My dad uses an AMD FX-4350, brand-new as of yesterday when he got it at MicroCenter.  I'm not very familiar with AM3+ mobo's like his (his is an ASUS M5A97 LE).

So, just for fun, what socket AM3+ motherboards do you all like and/or use?

His is a fire hazard.

ive got a FX8350 with Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 mobo, this is a special mobo, with 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm..

But my favorite will be Asus Crosshair V Formula Z

Just out of curiosity...  Does that CPU usually get really hot?  My dad has had a watercooling setup since he got the 4350, so he never really needs to pay attention to temps that much.

asus m5a99fx r2.0, been using it for a while and I like it a lot with my phenom II x6 1055t oced to 3.8 or 3.5 ghz with coolermaster 212 evo

Nice, just looked at the specs on that board and it looks pretty badass.

i use an asus 990fx pro, i'm pretty disapointed in the quality, but sadly it's about the best there is without spending a fortune, and then it's still asus

ran a crosshair iv with a 1100t upgraded to a 8350 and a crosshair v havent looked back since.

on a budget, the Biostar TA970 is amazing :D

SOMEONE ELSE WHO LIKES BIOSTAR!!!!!!!!! OMG IM NOT THE ONLY ONE! LOL. first mobo i bout was a biostar TA990fxe, ran it with a 8350 and got a 4.8ghz oc on a cheap closed water system, and it ran like a dream! 

Ya the ta970 was a good board before they started cheaping on the the build quality. First one was awesome for what it was. Ta990fxe might of been a better board if they hadnt placed the pcie slots too close together. I really liked my 970. I am running a oc 6 core on it now for a strictly gaming rig. If you needed a budget rig that was way better than a micro atx boards. It was the way go.

I've no experience with that particular CPU, however I used to have the 4100 prior to purchasing the 8320. I was able to hit 5.2 GHz stable at decent temps, using a hyper 212 evo. So I would assume that the 4350 runs cool in contrast to the others. I don't believe I went over 60*c but I am unsure of the voltage. The board was an AsRock 990FX extreme 3.

TL;DR: Not that I am aware of, no.